On 16/06/2014 15:50, v...@ukr.net wrote:
>   Hello!
>   I encountered an error in Gajim and it politely suggested me to
> submit a bugreport. I followed the link to the https://trac.gajim.org ,
> but did not find a way to register an account there in order to submit
> a bugreport or to subscribe to the changes in existing bugreports.
>   Is there a way to register an account there and how to subscribe to
> the existing bugreports to receive the messages about the status change
> or new comments?

Thanks for contacting us.

Unfortunatly, we get a LOT of spam on trac, even with our spamfilter. So
I disabled account registration on trac. But please send me a private
mail with a login and a password and I'll create you an account.

If you create a ticket or comment it, you'll get mails when new comments
will arrive. Else there is a CC field in tickets that you can fill once


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