On 06/16/2014 08:04 PM, err404 wrote:
> Gajim 0.16-rc1-a24816ccd98e GTK+ Version: 2.24.23 PyGTK Version:
> 2.24.0
> Traceback (most recent call last): File
> "/usr/share/gajim/src/roster_window.py", line 3273, in
> on_send_single_message_menuitem_activate 
> dialogs.SingleMessageWindow(account, action='send') File
> "/usr/share/gajim/src/dialogs.py", line 3092, in __init__ img =
> gajim.interface.jabber_state_images['16'][contact.show] KeyError:
> ''
> this append when I try to send single message.

That's easier to use the bug tracker to report bugs. I know
registration is de-activated for the moment ...

I'm not able to reproduce this bug. It seems you have a strange
contact in your roster. If you can reproduce, could you add a "print
jid" in src/common/dialogs.py line 3091, at the begining of the for loop:

            for jid in keys:
                print jid
                contact = self.completion_dict[jid]

and look at the last printed jid before the traceback?

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