On 08/11/2014 08:11 PM, BriarMoon Design wrote:
> Hi all;
> I was looking into writing a plugin but have run into a couple issues;
> 1. I can't access the ga...@conference.gajim.org room... "Group chat
> ga...@conference.gajim.org does not exist." is what I get when I try to
> join it as a group chat. But that might be related to #2:
> 2. https://gajim.org:5281/register_web returns 'invalid-request-cookie'
> So is there anyway to register for access to the gajim rooms?
> My plugin question was about licensing; I'm not a licensing guru by any
> definition. So I'm wondering given the loading system and the GPL nature
> of the Gajim Core are there any licensing requirements for plugins?
> thanks;
> Nick


1. Gajim conference room works ok. There are many people in it. But
maybe there is a problem beween gajim server and your server. Which
server is it? Are you able to browse gajim.org server (right click on
your account row -> discover services then discover gajim.org)

2. Right, it seems there is a problem with captcha ... It's now fixed.

Now about your licensing question, I'm not a licensing guru either, so
I'm not very sure about what I say, but I don't see why you'd need a
special license for your plugin.

What is your plugin about? Do you plan to share it on

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