On 08/11/2014 09:05 PM, Yann Leboulanger wrote:
> On 07/15/2014 11:33 PM, Florian wrote:
>> Another little bug report to the mailing list (I checked today and it
>> seems that the creation of new accounts on trac is still disabled):
>> I would like to use gajim for video/audio calls, but unfortunately it
>> does not work. I tried it a couple of times with 0.15.4 in the past, but
>> gajim reliably froze when receiving a call. I then decided to wait for
>> 0.16, and now with gajim 0.16rc1/rc2 I have given it another try.
>> Unfortunately I still haven't been able to use it for audio/video call.
>> I tried to find a way to report a reproducible error behavior but it's
>> hard (and I do not want to spend more than a couple of hours on it). One
>> thing which happens often is similar to the behavior I saw on 0.15.4: On
>> receiving a call a window pops up asking if I want to answer the call.
>> After clicking on "Yes", the window freezes together with the rest of
>> gajim and I need to kill gajim. I ran gajim with "gajim -v" but there is
>> absolutely no debug output when clicking on "Yes" or afterwards, it
>> simply freezes.
>> Another thing I see is that clicking on the video or audio buttons on
>> the chat window, the window changes its size, probably to make space for
>> the incoming video frame, and a video frame showing the video from my
>> own webcam is shown. The rest of the chat window is not re-drawn
>> correctly (some elements are cut in halfs etc) and usually the chat
>> window cannot be closed anymore. gajim needs to be killed then.
>> FWIW, xmpp video calls work very nicely with empathy on the same computer.
>> Version details:
>> I installed rc2 on a current debian testing by adding "deb
>> ftp://ftp.gajim.org/debian unstable main" to my sources list. farstream
>> and various gstreamer plugins are installed.
>> Thanks for your attention and for your work on gajim and sorry for not
>> being able to provide a more straight-forward bug report.
>> Florian
> Hi Florian,
> Indeed trac account creation is still disabled, probably not for a long
> time anymore.
> I never had the behaviour you have: freeze when accepting a receiving
> call nor I heard about his behaviour before you. So hard to tell you
> something. Maybe you could first try to use audio/video test as input
> device in configuration window.
> Indeed a undrawn part of the window is shown until we receive the video
> of the contact. That's the current behaviour ... But that should not
> prevent the chat window to be closed. That looks like the same freeze
> behaviour previously explained.
> I also use debian and video works ok for me.

Thanks for your answer. This is quite strange. I tried with a new
.config/gajim, which resulted in less crashes, but no success in audio
or video calls. The window appears and I can see my own video, but
nothing else happens. Sometimes I still see crashes as described before.
I tried using a STUN server and various settings for audio. My partner
is on Ubuntu Gnome and experiences the exactly same behavior as I do on
Debian Testing. With older versions of gajim and on another, older
installation of Debian I had a similar experience. Can you think of
anything I am missing here? Is there anything related to the jabber
server running? (I am using jabber.ccc.de, I think they have ejabberd.
This works with empathy though). I am not sure how to use audio/video
test settings.

thanks for your support


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