Hello everyone,

Firstly, I want to express kudos for Gajim, which is great!  Please keep up the 
good work, and I can see that good progress continues to be made as the months 
and years pass by.  I think Gajim has a bright future.

I hope I'm posting to the right place.  This seems like the only possible place 
to post, considering that I can't access Gajim's list archives here (permission 

...nor can I enter the XMPP conference room "ga...@conference.gajim.org" within 
Gajim itself, because the conference room is consistently "overactive".

I'm trying to get any first-hand account of how well Gajim works on the $35 
Raspberry Pi 2 (especially wrt audio/video capabilities):

"How does the Gajim XMPP IM app work?"

Has anyone here thoroughly tried Gajim on the Raspberry Pi 2?  What works?  
What doesn't?  What's the performance like?  Any feedback or anecdotal 
explanations would be appreciated.

Also Note: FWIW, I've written a thorough step-by-step tutorial on the Raspberry 
Pi's Forum about using Gajim (for noobs), especially to take advantage of BOSH:

"Setting up an XMPP account (with BOSH on port 443) HOWTO":

Note: I'm in an unusually tricky position where I can't get my hands on a 
Raspberry Pi 2 myself (at least not any time soon), even though the price is 
certainly right.  But I am cheering for the success both Gajim and the 
Raspberry Pi 2, and I have done what little I can to help them.  

I think Gajim could be a "killer app" for the Raspberry Pi 2, as it seems 
lightweight enough that it might just barely perform well.  Perhaps a 
"Raspberry Pi 2 + Gajim" appliance might even be a viable product idea one day 
(especially once they release their new Raspberry Pi-specific video display 
within the next few months).  That's my hope.
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