I am the developer of Confidant Mail, which is a secure non-SMTP email and file
transfer program. It has its own user metadata mechanism, based on GPG keys
plus some additional information which is self-signed. I would like to add chat
capability, and have no desire to write yet another chat application.

Gajim looks like a good client to use for this. It supports OTR and does not
have the libpurple problem. What I want to do is be able to click on "Chat with
user" from Confidant Mail and have the user's XMPP address and OTR key
inserted into gajim. I know gajim can accept an xmpp: url, but is there an easy
way to feed in an OTR key fingerprint?

Confidant Mail is also written in Python, although it uses wx GUI toolkit.

Thank you,
Mike Ingle
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