1. Trac system refused to accept my bugreport submission, saying i'm a
spambot. The bug info is here
2. Trac system currently pretends that my registered profile doesn't
exist. So I post here.
3. Mailing list archives are not available by link
http://www.lagaule.org/pipermail/gajim-devel/ which is advertised on
4. Audio/video calls don't work. Tested in Gentoo and Ubuntu 15.10. I'd
like to donate for calls functionality being fixed and streamlined.
Cannot afford a ton of money, but a couple of hundreds of bucks from me
is possible. I can ask other people to donate more. Calls is what would
stop my girlfriend to think that Jabber is useless :)

Honest comments about development speed and perspectives of further
development are appreciated.


OpenPGP usage is appreciated (it also helps your letter to bypass spam
filters). To email me with encryption easily, go

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