I am in the same boat. The audio/video calls are very tricky and fragile. They 
somewhat work sometimes, but seldom and seemingly randomly.
From what I understand, the main factor is either availability of a direct 
connection of both or at least one of the clients to the internet (i.e. not 
behind router/NAT) or availability of a STUN server for a NATted client.
Sometimes when my peer has a direct connection such as a PC plugged directly 
into a DSL modem, or an Android tablet, the calls go through even though I am 
behind a router.
Other times when we both are behind a router, it just does not work. But it 
also seems that the calls in the same scenarios worked under Jitsi (which I 
can't stand, grrr!), so there may be still something that could be done in 


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1. Trac system refused to accept my bugreport submission, saying i'm a spambot. 
The bug info is here
2. Trac system currently pretends that my registered profile doesn't exist. So 
I post here.
3. Mailing list archives are not available by link which is advertised on 4. Audio/video calls don't work. Tested in Gentoo and 
Ubuntu 15.10. I'd like to donate for calls functionality being fixed and 
Cannot afford a ton of money, but a couple of hundreds of bucks from me is 
possible. I can ask other people to donate more. Calls is what would stop my 
girlfriend to think that Jabber is useless :)

Honest comments about development speed and perspectives of further development 
are appreciated.


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