Thank for answers!
> Gajim don't encrypt files before sending it 
Even if it connects to server via SSL/TLS?

> FT can be encrypted if using Jingle FT (both parties need to support
> that) and no proxy is used. 
How do I know when I use Jingle filetransfer and if stream is encrypted?
I found only this <>:
"Gajim will try negotiating a jingle file transfer session first, or, if
the peer does not support jingle, fall back to ​
<>SI file transfer".
If you mean jingle XTLS, is not does not accepted like XEP?

I've heard that exists in-band FT based on IQ requests (not SI/IBB). If
you know about it, does Gajim supports it?

P.S. If Gajim support XEP-0234 jingle file transfer, then this XEP is
not listed here <>.
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