Could not create ticket (registered, confirmed my e-mail, solved 2 captchas and still considered as spammer, wtf? I'm just using Tor), so i try to post here:

= problem =
Gajim 0.6.15 sends more info than needed for privacy-oriented users.
= analysis =
1. If I turn off all options that sends info about os and client, Gajim does send info about itself, it is seen in XML console, like:
... node='' ver='blah-blah-blah' hash='sha-1'/>

<identity category="client" type="pc" name="Gajim" />

...type="get" id="Gajim_big-id-number">

And maybe more. Those values above is hard-coded in as I can see, so there is no easy way to change it.

2. I have 3 accounts with the same account options. But eventually I find from advanced options editor that one has ft_send_local_ips set to True. If I understand it correctly, this enables sending local ip address, and that is pretty terrible news :( And there is no way in GUI to control it, or I didn't find such option.

3. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but one day I found that "Log encrypted messages" option is turned on. Maybe I miss-clicked it somehow, but for me it is strange indeed, considering that hidden ft_send_local_ips option enabled for just one account.

4. So I assume that there are other "leaks" that sends info that has nothing or little to do with functionality.
= enhancement recommendation =
It will be great if Gajim will have '''one''' option, maybe hidden, per account like "paranoid_mode", so I am sure that there are no such leaks in any way.

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