No I don't think any client can hide itself. All clients have their way to build and reply to some stanza, or not, and can be identified.

when you send a file to a contact, you also send him whene he can connect to get the file. The things that can be sent are :

- your IPs (the IPs your machine have. a 192.168.x.y, a real internet IP, depending on your network configuration). This is controlled by the ft_send_local_ips option.

- the IPs/hostnames of socks5 proxys (listed in file_transfer_proxies option or discovered on your server)

 - your real IP discovered with UPnP-IGD if your router supports that.



Le 19/09/2016 à 16:10, a écrit :
Ok, as I understand there is no practical way to hide that I'm using Gajim, correct?

Can you tell me a bit more about "ft_send_local_ips"? What IP is sent when I connect through the SOCKS5 proxy?
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