All contacts on my servers use Gajim only at all times. I have no idea about 
smack, at least I do not recall seeing it in the Admin UI on OpenFire or 
configuring anything for that matter.
I am thinking that for a developer of Gajim reviewing OpenFire features should 
be much easier than for an end user as myself, as I have no idea what smack is 
and how to find out if OpenFire supports it.
A quick Google search reveals that Ignite are actually the authors of smack 
Java library, but I have no idea if it is included with their server.

Thank you

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this seems to be an issue of your server, I think.

When you open the chat window for this contact Gajim sends out some stanzas to 
this contact and when your server tries to send them to the client of your 
contact it detects that the TCP connection is broken and puts your contact 

Does Openfire have smacks support and is this enabled on your end?
What client does your contact use?


Am Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016, 20:30:19 schrieb Alex Malmyguine:
> Good time of the day everyone,
> When I want to ping a user who appears to be online, away etc., and 
> double-click their roster item, they quite often drop down into the 
> offline section.
 Further down the road I find out from them that they have been
> offline for quite some time when I tried to ping them, even though I 
> was staring at their green/amber/red icon for an hour beforehand. Is 
> the roster update not done on a regular basis? If it matters, I 
> connect to Ignite OpenFire Jabber server over XMPP.
> Thank you
> Alex
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