On 03/11/2016 17:58, Alex Malmyguine wrote:
> A peer using same version of Gajim 0.16.5 sends me a file once.
> I see 2-3 requests to received a file one after another.
> Then one xfer completes, and I get this error message:
> The file Capture.PNG has been fully received, but it seems to be wrongly 
> received.
> Do you want to reload it?
> The file on disk is a partial file, about 5% or 2 KB.
> Does Gajim need something set up to be able to send files correctly?

Could you update to 0.16.6 and test again?

If you can still reproduce, could you open XML console on both side
(sender and receiver) and send me the XML that is exchanged when you try
to send a file so I can check what happens?

And last thing, If you can, that would be better to follow bugs on the
bug tracker:

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