Does it mean that Gajim is dropping support for KDE4?
Dropping support for KDE4 would be an immensely frustrating experience for many 
Gajim users. If I read below correctly.

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I'd like to add a followup comment to my trac issue <>, but trac won't let me 
telling SpamBayes probability were 99,sth %

The comment:

@asterix: cool that things are happening! Do I understand correctly that you're 
dropping support for kwalletcli (i.e. the KDE4 implementation) completely, 
which leaves us compatible with gnome and KDE 5 only?

Also, please consider adapting my 03_migration.patch and integrating it:
Avoiding to have the migrations between backends will make the code better 
maintainable (imagine anyone adding another backend, again).
Also, it makes it easy to ensure passwords are removed from an old backend 
after migration.

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