Of all the users on my XMPP servers, only one uses Gajim 0.16.5 under Windows 
8.1 64bit
And this one user only has the issue. When the others chat with that user, the 
outgoing messages often get flagged with red X for quite some time.
That user receives the messages and replies to them, but their peers still see 
their sent messages with a red X instead of a green check mark.
This is somewhat annoying, as when they send a message, they do not know why 
that user is not responding - because they never received the message, or 
because they are not at their desk.
No one else who use Windows 7, XP or Linux ever had this issue. Anything we can 
fix in Gajim or Windows 8.1 settings or on the XMPP server for this?

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