On Sun, 18 Dec 2016 21:55:15 +0100 Yann Leboulanger wrote:

> On 12/18/2016 07:23 PM, Andrey Gursky wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > to test and be able to commit changes at one place, plugins git could
> > be placed into gajim git directory and included into .gitignore. But
> > there is already plugins dir in gajim. So what is a git flow for plugins
> > development?
> >
> > Since I'm using another profile for debug purposes, if I copy
> > gajim-plugins git as ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins, this affects also my
> > "stable" gajim. Is there something similar for plugins (using
> > plugins.test for profile "test")?
> >
> In default branch, there is the -s option to separate things completely.

gtk3 one?

Actually, I'd need the same plugins source dir for both test profiles.
Ideally it would be possible to allow integration of plugins.git into
gajim.git. Gajim git shouldn't track these files (since they are 2
distinct repos), but Gajim should be able to discover them. So once
you've started Gajim with launch.sh, you can be sure, the git version
of Gajim and the git version of plugins is in use.

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