>>> Good idea, I tried adding accept_default="false", but it doesn't seem
>>> to do anything (the first list entry is still picked, a bug regardless of
>>> the search feature?).
>> Perhaps. We'll look into it.
> Great - should I file an issue on bitbucket or will you after a little
> investigation?

Hi Peter,

It turns out that accept_default is recognized only in very special cases and 
used for a particular purpose. I've removed it from the wiki for now since it's 
more of a undocumented/internal feature of Galaxy rather than something that 
useful to tool authors.

>>> Currently my best workaround so far is to add a help attribute,
>>> "When there are lots of entries, type here to search" (this needs
>>> to be worded carefully as when there are only a few databases
>>> setup you can't search).
>> Yes, this is in line with the label/tooltip solution. Additional suggestions
>> are welcome as well.
> I think the option accept_default="false" would be fine (assuming
> it did what we want it to do, and triggers the search text).

I think the best solution to this problem is likely UI-centric rather than 
tool-centric, but let's keep an open mind. As such, I've created an issue that 
you can follow and comment on here:


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