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Slightly off-topic, but for a new Galaxy installation -
What would you recommend for a free (FOSS) Grid/Cluster management product ?

SGE is not free any more (Oracle Grid Engine is "90-days evaluation, binaries 
only" free, starting 6.2u6).

Ease of administration is top-priority, more than sophisticated scheduling 
policies (and of course it has to be well supported by Galaxy).

A quick google reveals this statement from Oracle:
"The Open Grid Scheduler project [http://sourceforge.net/projects/gridscheduler/] will be continuing on the tradition of the Grid Engine open source project. While the Open Grid Scheduler project will remain independent of the Oracle Grid Engine product, the project will have the support of the Oracle team, including making available artifacts from the original Grid Engine open source project."

The quote was found here:

So, although OGE in no longer open or free there is an Oracle sanctioned open version.

In the meantime, why not just stick with the latest free version of SGE? We're still using it here with very few issues.
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