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Apologies for the delay in reply. The tool "Operate on Genomic Intervals -> Fetch closet non-overlapping feature" currently still only returns non-overlapping results, from any of the four options. No changes are planned for the near-term.

To identify overlapping intervals, you are correct that using the other Interval tools would be appropriate. Then, if you wanted both overlapping and non-overlapping data together in a single result dataset, a workflow would be a great solution to do the processing.

Thank you for your patience! And thanks for using Galaxy!


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On 12/13/10 12:27 PM, SHAUN WEBB wrote:


I remember a post a while ago about the fetch closest feature tool
requesting that the output returns overlapping features rather than just
the nearest up/downstream feature.

Was this ever implemented? Perhaps as a different tool? Would the
easiest alternative be to create a workflow from existing tools (join->
filter out intervals that have a join -> fetch closest feature ->
concatenate output files)?

Thanks for your help
Shaun Webb

Jennifer Jackson
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