> How do I go about submitting a patch to the project? I added support for
> quartile normalization to cufflinks and cuffdiff and I'll add the option to
> include replicates with cuffdiff next.

That's good news Rory. You can submit patches one of two ways:

(1) Set up a fork/patchqueue of Galaxy in bitbucket and send links to major


(2) Send the patch file. You can create a patch file of your changes from
the galaxy-central directory as follows:

% hg diff > my_patch_name.patch

For larger and/or ongoing patches, (1) is highly preferred to (2).  Please
submit all patches to galaxy-...@bx.psu.edu (cc'd), which is the mailing
list for local community development and installation. You may also find the
list useful for discussing questions or ideas you may have.

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