Hi all,

In brainstorming here about how to organise the tools menu in our
local Galaxy, we considered an automatically populated list of the
user's frequently or recently used tools. Unlike a favourites system,
this doesn't require explicit action from the user.

That brought us to another thought - does Galaxy track how
often different tools are used? Even if that hasn't been done till
now, it should be possible to trawl the database of all non-purged
histories and tally up usage counts.

That information would be helpful for many decisions - including
optimising the listing for easy of use, or making sure the most used
tools all have excellent documentation.  If this could also count the
run time as well as run count, it would be particularly helpful for
identifying where most of the server time is spent, so which tools
which would most benefit from optimisation or different hardware

Do you already do this internally for the main public Galaxy interface?


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