On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 4:38 PM, Greg Von Kuster <g...@bx.psu.edu> wrote:
> They run under a separate Galaxy webapp ...

Why? It seems to me it would be easier to have it under the admin pages
of the main Galaxy webapp.

> ... which you configure using the
> reports_wsgi.ini in the Galaxy install directory ( copy 
> reports_wsgi.ini.sample
> and make appropriate changes for your local app ).  This is where you'll set
> a port, and connect to the same database your Galaxy instance uses.
> After setting the config, fire up the reports with:
> %sh run_reports.sh
> ... and direct your browser to the port you've set in the config.

That didn't work on my development machine, no output at all. Having
eventually found this Dev briefing apparently SQLite isn't supported:


Is there any more documentation on this somewhere on the wiki that
I've missed? It isn't working immediately on our production machine
either - some relevant errors in reports_webapp.log include:

sqlalchemy.exc.ArgumentError: Invalid SQLite URL:

Why would it use that connection string when I've recorded
database_connection = postgres://... in reports_wsgi.ini?

[Errno 13] Permission denied:

Is that a folder? When is it meant to be created?

Thanks again,


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