We've created a Galaxy development mailing list to go along with the Galaxy 
development site.  This mailing list will be used for communicating changes and 
questions about developing for Galaxy on the Helix Systems.  Not everyone is on 
it, only those who specifically requested for access.  If you want to be on the 
galaxy-dev mailing list, just let me know.

As you all are aware, Galaxy is up and running on Helix 
(http://galaxy.cit.nih.gov).  Please log in and try it out.  Most of all, 
please give us feedback about what works, what doesn't, and what could improve. 
 Some of the tools are configured to run on the Biowulf cluster, most run 

We also have a separate Galaxy development site 
(http://galaxy-dev.cit.nih.gov).  This is mainly for developing new XML 
interfaces (so-called tools) for other command line applications already 
installed on Helix and Biowulf.  We've added a few people to the galaxy-dev 
group, which is necessary to make any changes.

The Galaxy development site is located in /data/galaxy/dev, and the XML files 
are in /data/galaxy/dev/tools.  Because any changes to the XML files requires 
the Galaxy server be restarted, I've created a wrapper executable, init_galaxy. 
 After making changes, on Biowulf type:

  rsh p1286 /data/galaxy/devlog/init_galaxy restart

and this will restart the server on the Galaxy development host (p1286).  Most 
importantly, the server logs are kept in /data/galaxy/devlog.  These are key to 
debugging any changes made.

The main configuration file (universe_wsgi.ini), the tool configuration file 
(tool_conf.xml), and the tool data configuration file 
(tool_data_table_conf.xml) are write accessible to those in the galaxy_dev 
group, as these will be necessary to change when new applications are added.

The development server DOES NOT have access to the internet, so uploading files 
through HTTP and FTP won't work.  Downloading data from UCSC or other external 
sites will also not work.  However, you can copy local files from your /home 
and /data areas on Helix using the Import Helix file tool.

There is a danger of stepping on each other's toes when making changes, so be 
sure to use this mailing list to let everyone know when you are making changes 
and restarting the server.

Feel free to use this mailing list to ask questions and state what you did.

David Hoover
Helix Systems Staff
galaxy-dev mailing list

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