I have a tool that takes a pair of files and manipulates them and produces a 
new pair of files.  One output file corresponds to the first input file, the 
second output file corresponds to the second input file.  I would like to label 
them as such.  Right now I get two datasets in the history that look like this:

tool_name on data X and data Y

I have tried setting the label of each output like this:

label="my tool name on ${input1.name}"
label="my tool name on ${input2.name}"

but this isn't exactly what I want.  What are all of the various attributes of 
an input parameter that I can reference in an output label?  I'd like to also 
use the id of the dataset in my history (the X and Y in my example above), but 
I can't seem to figure out how to reference it.

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