I've been doing some testing with a Galaxy instance running on my laptop for 
some tools we are developing.  I am uploading a file into Galaxy from a URL to 
use as test input (~1.5GB tabular) I can download this file to my laptop in ~30 
seconds with wget,  while if I pull from the same URL into Galaxy it takes 
about 30 minutes.  I set the file type so Galaxy did not have to auto-detect.

This seems very slow considering it only takes about 30 seconds to get the file 
over the network and write it to disk. What is Galaxy doing that makes this 
file upload so slow?  We also tried defining our own datatype (data, not 
tabular with the thought that maybe Galaxy tried to examine tabular files), but 
it is still very slow.  In production our input files will grow to be much 
larger than this (although we'll probably abandon tabular for a more compact 
binary format by then).

Glen L. Beane
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