Hi Peter -

Regular expressions are a great, simple, and often fast solution to cleaning up seqs - glad that it is working for you. I am sure others will be interested in your tools, too, once you have them ready for the Tool Shed.

Thanks for all of your contributions to Galaxy!


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Hi Peter,

Sorry about that, I did a double check and you are right, the tool doesn't
"screen" sequences. Maybe try BLAT itself to identify then clip? It depends
on how long your primers are - shorter than 20 will need some tuning. Ask
UCSC directly (Galt) about how to configure for this type of match:


Galaxy team

Hi Jen,

Yes, my primer sequences are short - up to 22bp, so I don't think
BLAST is a good solution. I've been using regular expressions and
it seems to work nicely on my current 454 data (it would need testing
on some large datasets before I was happy it could be used on say
a full run of Illumina).

For the work in progress, see:

At the time of writing I have three tools, for FASTA, FASTQ and SFF
files. As per my recent email I am considering merging them into one
single tool:


Jennifer Jackson
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