Hi Pieter and Nate,

Thanks for the information. I am in the process of having python 2.5.5 installed under "/usr/local/BIMAS/python_255/" on our system. Pieter indicated it was "easy" to setup galaxy to use an alternate installation of python. Any tips on what needs to be changed/configured before setting things up (./setup.sh) and for subsequently running galaxy (./run.sh)?

Thanks again...

At 09:54 AM 2/9/2011, Nate Coraor wrote:
Pieter Neerincx wrote:
> Hi John and Nate,
> But to make the tool search work in the web interface you'll need Python 2.5 or higher, so it's probably a better idea to get a newer version of Python anyway. (We have Galaxy on two CentOS servers, installed a newer Python in addition to the OS supplied Python 2.4 and modified the environment for Galaxy so it uses the newer version: was easy to do and works well.)

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