Sonali Amonkar wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install and run galaxy-dist-8729d2e29b02 on a Linux RHEL 5.5 
> box. This machine has no direct access to the Internet. I followed the steps 
> listed on the page 
> to download the 
> eggs offline and placed them in the correct location.
> Now when I try to run Galaxy (sh, it appears to be stuck trying to 
> contact - this was seen through netstat.
> [workflow@vm-ps4121 galaxy-dist]$ netstat -antp | grep tcp
> (Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info
>  will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)
> tcp        0      1           
> SYN_SENT    5796/python
> Why does galaxy try to connect to this server when all the eggs are already 
> updated?
> My questions are:
> 1.       Can galaxy-dist-8729d2e29b02 can be run on a box with no Internet 
> access?
> 2.       How does one enable this no-Internet-available setting in 
> galaxy-dist-8729d2e29b02?

Hi Sonali,

There were two bugs which were preventing all of the eggs from being
downloaded by the egg packaging script.  These are resolved in
5038:559a9ad2844d.  This changeset is available in our in-development
repository.  It will be in the distribution repository at some point
within the next few weeks, or you can pull the bleeding edge directly

  % hg pull -u


> Thank you for your time.
> Regards,
> Sonali Amonkar
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