Hi All,

I'm working on building some galaxy tools which can be used together
in a workflow and one data structure that seems to show up a lot is a
data matrix where both the data rows and data columns have annotations
which I would like to preserve through the workflow.

Here is an example that hopefully make this more concrete: we have X
genotyping probes in a microarray that we have run on Y samples which
results in a data matrix with X rows and Y columns. Each of the probes
(rows) has annotation data like allele (A vs B allele), sequence, SNP
ID, etc and each of the columns (samples) has it's own annotation data
like strain, date etc...

So what do you think is the best way to represent this kind of
structure? Does galaxy have a mechanism that allows you to associate
files as a logical group which would allow my intensity data and meta
data to stay together as a "dataset" without having to be in the same

Thank you
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