use the <repeat> tag to accept a list of infiles (and perhaps
labels/timepoint/etc for each).

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 6:22 AM, Kempenaar, M (med) <
> wrote:

>  Hello,
> This is the first question I ask on this list, please let me know if I'm
> 'doing it wrong'.
> Currently I'm trying to implement a workflow that uses a sort of microarray
> data which consists of one CSV file for each experiment done. The first step
> in the workflow is to preprocess the data and merge all files into a single
> CSV file (using an R script). Now my question is, is it possible to supply
> the user a Galaxy 'upload file' interface where he/she can:
> - enter the number of experiments done (thus number of files to upload)
> - depending on the above, present one 'select file' button and a new
> metavalue used for naming the experiment
> - directly execute an R script after pressing the 'Execute' button.
> - add the single resulting file from this R script to the users history
> pane (an intermediate composite datatype holding all uploaded files and
> manually executing the script is fine as well)
> If this is possible, could you please add a hint in the right direction,
> that would be very helpful! Also, just giving an example of a Galaxy
> workflow that does any of the mentioned would be great too!
> However if this seems to be impossible to do, what are the alternatives?
> Maybe create my own webtool that does the above and link that to my Galaxy?
> Thanks in advance for any replies.
> - Marcel
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