Ryan Golhar wrote:
> >>I've implemented the "Serving Galaxy at a sub directory (such as
> >>/galaxy)", made the change to Apache, and the universe_wsgi.ini.
> >>When I view the page through Apache using http://server.name/galaxy,
> >>the page is garbled like something didn't take.
> >
> >Hi Ryan,
> >
> >Did you restart Galaxy after setting up the [filter:proxy-prefix]
> >section and the 'filter-with = proxy-prefix' setting?
> I did.  I restarted both Apache and Galaxy.  I verified it using 'ps
> -ef | grep python' to see that it in fact was shutdown, prior to
> restarting.

Okay, if you're using the static content proxying as in the
instructions, can you verify that those paths are correct?  For example,
the URL:


Should display a small icon.

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