I've created a custom file type based on the Galaxy Tabular type  (this is so 
some tools I'm developing can declare this type as input or output and prevent 
any arbitrary tabular file from being used as input for a tool)

I have a data source tool that declares its output format to be my type (this 
tool brings the user to a website where they query a database and then sends 
the data file back to galaxy)

when I load data with this tool the format is set to "tabular" by galaxy and 
not to my custom type.  I have a  feeling Galaxy is ignoring what the tool .xml 
says the format of the output is and tries to autodetect, and comes up with 
tabular.  If a data source says the output is a specific type shouldn't galaxy 
use that as the format rather than autodetect?

Also,  I have other tools that declare my type as the input type, yet when I go 
to select an input file it shows me all tabular files in my history, not just 
those with my custom type.

how do I get the format to be correctly set for a file I load from my 
data_source tool?  And how do I limit selections in an input drop down to just 
my specific file type?  I'm guessing I need to extend the Tabular class, but I 
don't need to add any additional functionality at this point, I just want to 
limit how the tools can be chained together. This datatype is probably just a 
place holder for what will probably end up being a binary type, so I'm not 
going to put much effort in. 

Glen L. Beane
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