[large data library performance]
> Security checks are performed on every active ( undeleted ) dataset
> within a data library as it's contents are rendered upon opening. For
> the current user, every dataset is checked to determine if the user
> can access it, and if so, then checks are made to see if the user has
> permission to perform operations on the dataset that fall into the add
> / modify / manage permissions areas. These checks incur db hits for
> each dataset, so if your data library include many datasets ( several
> hundred or more ), then it will take a bit of time to render it upon
> opening. The size of the dataset files is not an issue here, but the
> number of datasets within the data library.

We are running into this limit quite a bit in practice as our data libraries
grow. Splitting it does provide as a quick workaround. What would you
think about loading folder data on-demand via Ajax? Our data is
stored in folders and sub-folders within the library, so this would
let us scale up library items without having to arbitrarily split
the data libraries.

I took a quick look at the code with this in might and it looked,
well, hard. But that could be totally due to my ignorance of the
implementation, what do you think?

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