> I agree that implementing an ajax approach to rendering libraries may
> be a good solution, but also may be difficult. We'll analyze this a
> bit more and see if it will be reasonable.

Great -- thanks for taking a look.

> We made a decision when we implemented libraries that we would provide
> fine grained security at the dataset level. The trade-off, obviously,
> is that it takes time to check every dataset. Another approach to
> solve this would be to not provide as fine-grained security, and have
> security at the folder level rather than the dataset level. If this is
> done, all dataset within a folder would be required to have the same
> security. What are your thoughts on this approach?

This sounds like a very reasonable trade off. We go one further and 
use Data Library level security, so everything within a library has 
the same permissions, but I can definitely see how having the
ability to control is at the folder level would be useful.

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