Dear Galaxy development team,

I've got a problem using the login function of Galaxy.

So I downloaded a copy of Galaxy distribution and installed it on a local
machine, then I installed PostgreSQL on this machine and made the necessary
changes to the universe_wsgi.ini file and Galaxy is able to the use the
PostgreSQL database to store information. I was able to register a user
account and then I could login to the system for the first time, but after I
logout and login again, the system always says that I am logged out. I
checked the log file of Postgresql and the log file of Galaxy system, there
is no error message indicating what happened at all.

I restarted Postgresql database and Galaxy system and then I was able to
login, but after I logged out, I can not login again! Have you guys met this
kind of problem before? Any suggestions on what could be the cause of this

Thanks so much!
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