Dear Greg and Gordon,

thanks for the fast replies.

Your query ideas are very helpful, Gordon, thanks a lot.

We currently do not limit disk space per user. We run the cleanup scripts once per day using the default settings in

We will start to do the same. We haven't run them at all for several months, and now they used about 4.6 GB of RAM while deleting and took about 12 days to complete.

No, the cleanup scripts do not determine space used per user, and they do not include the ability to send email notification. It would probably be best to implement these features in a script separate from the script. We have no current plans to implement this.

Is there a way to completely delete a user and their data at the same time? We would like to keep published pages and shared data though.

I know it sort of counters the dogma of having everything reproducible, but our users upload really big datasets and we cannot keep adding new disk space every month, therefore we would like an expiration date on anything that is not published or shared and used. I guess we can modify the SQL queries to include some of the dates stored.

Thank you for your time.

-- Sebastian

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