On Mar 16, 2011, at 5:43 PM, Darren Brown wrote:

> However, when I run a workflow from the command line:
> python /mnt/galaxy/galaxy_dist/scripts/api/workflow_execute.py
> <api-key>  <url>/api/workflows 38247d270c7cb1bb
> 'hist_id=38247d270c7cb1bb' '1=hda=30fc17ce78176bfb'

My hunch is that the step id '1' in this line is probably your issue. To list 
workflow details in the api, you can use the scripts/api/display.py

So, for your workflow there, 

python /mnt/galaxy/galaxy_dist/scripts/api/display.py <api_key> 

Check that with the workflow in question and see what it returns as the inputs 

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