> Hi all - I'm running Galaxy on my Redhat linux cluster.  When I run
> cufflinks from the shell I get the error/warning:
> cufflinks: /usr/lib64/libz.so.1: no version information available (required
> by cufflinks)
> but it still seems to run ok.  It looks like Galaxy is choking on this.  I
> tried compling cufflinks manually but that was more troublesome.  Is there a
> way I can get Galaxy to ignore this error and continue?


There's currently no way to tell Galaxy to ignore some error messages and
not others; we're working on this functionality but it's far from being
done*. Unfortunately, your best bet is to compile Cufflinks on your system.
FYI, here's a technical description of this problem:

*To detect particular errors, we envision XML elements in a tool's output
definition that use regular expressions to identify errors amongst a
program's output. We think this is the right approach, but we haven't
started implementing it yet. You are welcome to do so; we welcome code
contributions from the community.

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