Hi all,

It's been a long while since I had to install a fresh production galaxy server, 
and I can offer some tips or requests for minor improvements (but to give 
credit were it's due - installation is much smoother now, and DRMAA works great 
with SGE out of the box).

These are just minor annoyances, but they can help make new installations 


1. Debugging REMOTE_USER issues.
The mix of apache + authentication + non-root URL + load balancing is a killer.
googling "mod_rewrite + mod_auth" shows that I'm not the only one having 
problems with it...

Adding those two lines in 
"./lib/galaxy/web/framework/middleware/remoteuser.py", line 79 is a wonderful 
debugging tool, which enables you to see what Apache is passing on to Galaxy:

      for k,v in environ.items():
               sys.stderr.write ( "%s:\t%s\n" % ( k, v ) )

I needed to print all environment variables (not just HTTP_REMOTE_USER) so I 
could debug mod_rewrite's variables setup.

If there was an easy way to enable this debug from the INI file it would be a 
great help.


2. The file name "universe_wsgi.ini" is hard-coded in several places.
Most of them are python scripts (like cleanup, ampq, etc.), but one is 
Not a real problem, except that in the "WebApplicationScaling" wiki page it's 
kind of implied that "universe_wsgi.ini" is not used any more after creating 
the two separated ini files (universe_wsgi.runner.ini  and  
If you rename "universe_wsgi.ini" instead of copying it, galaxy will simply not 
start, even if given a different INI file name.

So the best recommendation (in the documents) would probably be to maintain 
three identical INI files,
except for the "[server:main]" part of each (and the "enable_job_running = 
False" in the runner).
Most importantly, make sure that the database connection string is identical in 
all of them.

As a side node, the "cp" command in the "WebApplicationScaling" wiki page is 
incorrect (you can't copy one file into two files).

It'll also be good to mention that the cleanup scripts will always use 
"universe_wsgi.ini" regardless of what the galaxy server is using.

3. Saving SGE/PBS/DRMAA shell scripts if "debug=TRUE" in the jobrunner's INI 
file - this one is a gem, too bad I discovered it too late.
If only it was documented :)


4. INI keys that accept multiple comma separated values (e.g. "admin_users") 
are sensitive to white space.
  admin_users = gor...@cshl.edu,foo...@cshl.edu 
works fine, but:
  admin_users = gor...@cshl.edu , foo...@cshl.edu 
will not work (spaces around the comma).

Same thing with "ucsc_display_sites":
  ucsc_display_sites = cshl,main
will work (and display both "cshl" and "main"),
  ucsc_display_sites = cshl, main
will display only "cshl" (because "main" is " main" with a space).

It's probably easier to document it than to fix it, but either will do.


5. There's no "ensembl_display_sites" in the INI, so disabling the "display at 
ensembl" link (for BAM files, etc.) requires commenting out the corresponding  
"<display>" tag in "datatypes_conf.xml", whereas for other servers 
(gbrowse,ucsc) it's enough to comment out the "ucsc_display_sites" in the INI.


6. For galaxy servers running inside an intranet without access to the 
main/test UCSC Genome browser server,
and want to use a local mirror (this might be an obscure setup but that's what 
I have):

disabling both "main" and "test" in "ucsc_display_sites" will disable the 
authenticated user bypass, because "remouteuser.py" have them hard-coded before 
setting "self.allow_ucsc_main = True".

I needed to patch and add "cshl" as a third option - this is kind of ugly.


Two development issues not related to production server installation:

1. Debugging complex cheetah templates is very hard. If you have good tricks 
(beyond #slient and #breakpoint) - examples would be appriciated.
If there's a way to see the compiled cheetah code which produced the error - it 
would be great.
One problem is that the error is always reported without a line number (I guess 
because it's first converted into a string) and without the offending tag.

2. I only half-understand the new "tool_data_table_conf.xml" mechanism - is it 
explained somewhere ?
Looks quite complicated, especially adding in-lined lamba for reading the 
"__app__" global variable inside the cheetah code of each tool :(


And user interface quirks:

1. when managing workflows, the "configure your workflow menu" page is a bit 
uninformative: there's no title, header, instruction or anything else, and the 
button says "Submit Query" which doesn't mean much ("Update Workflow Menu" 
would be better).
If you click on "configure your workflow menu" and you don't have any 
workflows, the page is down right mysterious .

2. JQuery Tipsy balloons - please make them go away.
Or, make the appearance delay changeable in the INI file (to something like 600 
seconds :) ).


As always, grumbling aside, galaxy is GREAT! so keep up the good work.

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