A small bug:
When clicking "re-run" to view a tool form, and the tool has embedded images, 
the URL of the images is not working.

When viewing a tool that has embedded images, the relative <img> URL is 
The tool's URL comes from:  
and so the absolute image URL becomes: 
"http://main.g2.bx.psu.edu/./static/images/histogram2.png"; which works OK.

But when viewing a tool by clicking "re-run", the tool's URL is:
("rerun" being a method in the "tool_runner" controller),
which in turns makes the image absolute URL:
"http://main.g2.bx.psu.edu/tool_runner/./static/images/XXXXX.png"; - and it 
doesn't work.

Note that the solution of changing all the images URLs in the XML files to 
start at the root (e.g. "/static/images/XXXX.png") is not optimal, because it 
will bypass the "prefix" URL that some people use (e.g. with 
"http://rave.cshl.edu/galaxy"; instead of "http://rave.cshl.edu/";).

a workaround (when using apache) is to add the following rewrite_rule:
RewriteRule ^/tool_runner/static/(.*) /localdata1/galaxy/galaxy_prod/static/$1 

Or if using a "/galaxy" prefix:
RewriteRule ^/galaxy/tool_runner/static/(.*) 
/localdata1/galaxy/galaxy_prod/static/$1 [L]

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