Hello everybody,

i'm in the process to provide Galaxy for multiple team. I've already
setup a testing instance using the production setup page on the wiki
(apache + sge) and it works quite well if i'm refearing to the users
feedback. This setup is typically use for NGS dealing with data on a NFS
share without uploading them to the instance.

Why do i need multiple instance ? Maybe i'm not using galaxy correctly.
Correct me if i'm wrong.

My goal is to delagate the management of library/datasets to a galaxy
admin of each team from the beginning : i do NOT want a SINGLE
independant super admin to manage the access for multiple team, it
doesn't scale.

The galaxy instance and the underlying "galaxy" system user must access
to the NGS data on the NFS (v3) share. This means that the galaxy user
must be in a group that has access to the data. I can delegate the
process of managing datasets and library to a dedicated galaxy admin.
This setup is working quite well with the single instance setup. My job
as a sysadmin is reduced to galaxy setup and maintenance : i'm not
involved in the library/dataset management.

The problem with this setup does not work if there is another team with
data they don't want to share with others (don't blame me on that) : the
galaxy system user must access the data of the first team AND the second
team, this means that the galaxy admin of each team could access everything.

One solution to this problem would be to have an independant galaxy
super admin with access to everything which manage data access to each
team. I don't like this solution, like i said, it doesn't scale.

So, another way to deal with that is to give each team its own galaxy
instance (each running with a specific system galaxy user) with a
dedicated galaxy admin. Two possibility :

- N galaxy tree, each with a different tuned universe_wsgi.ini init file
(dedicated path, port, database, etc...). The problem here is on the
sysadmin side : the update process effort must be repeated N times.

- A unique galaxy tree, and N tuned (dedicated path, port, database,
etc...) universe_wsgi.ini files. This seems the best to me but i need to
know if galaxy internals can managed that kind of setup ?

What do you think ? Any inputs, remarks or advices are welcome !


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