Hello everyone

I finally managed to finish my two scripts. It's kind of dirty coded
(I'm not a Perl fan + I was in a hurry), but at least they worked for
me. I could successfully transfer the data from an old MySQL Galaxy to
my new PSQL Galaxy.

Before running the scripts, you should already have run your new Galaxy
instance so that the tables are properly created. Please note that the
scripts will erase everything the target database might contain. It's
aimed to make a 'clone' of the old database, not to merge both.

Here is how to do the transfer:

Requirements: DBD::mysql and DBD:Pg Perl modules

1: run galaxy-My2Pg.pl with the appropriate arguments (see the comments
in the script's first lines)

2: start your Galaxy instance

If the galaxy instance starts without throwing a fit, you can probably
stop here. (I didn't have that chance though)

Otherwise you most certainly have the wrong database version:

3: run sh manage_db.sh upgrade (to get the version right)

4: run galaxy-My2Pg_fix-seq.pl with the appropriate arguments blah, it
will set the sequences at the right number since manage_db.sh seems to
mess them up.

Please note that even if it might work for some other databases, it was
only tested on Galaxy, and I decline any responsibility if it doesn't
work, throws data trhough the windows or blows your whole office up. You
should back your data up beforehand in any case.


Attachment: galaxy-My2Pg_fix-seq.pl
Description: Perl program

Attachment: galaxy-My2Pg.pl
Description: Perl program

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