Kudos on the new "View Details" button implementation, both visually nice and 
less intrusive tooltips.

However, you know me - I can't just give praise without complaining...

1. The "View Details" tooltip (the actual tooltip) is not using JQuery, so the 
yellow (browser native) tooltip is showing (at least in Firefox 3.5.6 and 
Chrome on Linux). Other buttons show the black JQuery tooltip.

2. The "modified" date (when viewing the details of a dataset) is a bit 
It doesn't give the modification date of the dataset (also: what exactly is 
"modification" ? all datasets in Galaxy are immutable).
It seems that the modification date is affected by any modification to the 

- load any existing old history.
- click on "view details" for a dataset: "Created" and "Modified" are in the 
past, or even identical.
- rename the history (and don't modify any other parameter/dataset)
- click on "view details" for the same dataset: "Created" stays the same. 
"Modified" becomes today's date.

That is confusing, because the dataset was definitely not modified today.


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