Hello everyone

I have a couple of questions regarding user and dataset management.

1) We use LDAP for user registration and logging, would it be possible
to retrieve automatically the LDAP users' groups and create the groups
in Galaxy accordigly? (and of course put the user in their respective

2) Is it possible, still using LDAP, to delete a user and all his

3) Is it possible to automatically suppress, for instance, any dataset
that was added more than a couple of months ago?

4) Is there a not-so-intrusive way to add a column in the user list
showing the disk space they use respectively?

5) I tried to see how the API works but i have to admit I didn't get a
thing. I read the scripts/api/README file and there I saw one needs to
access the user preferences to generate an API key. What is its purpose?
Is there a way to do it when you use LDAP (therefore no access to that
key generator) ?

Sorry, this is a bit random but I'm kinda drowning here, since I'm not
used to manipulating apps this huge. Thanks for your help and patience.


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