I have been having trouble uploading a large number of fastq files to a library 
(180).  I am uploading a directory of files, and I am not copying the files 
into Galaxy.

When I try to view the files in the library after uploading it takes a long 
time to load the library view (sometimes it times out), and when it does load 
it lists every file three times so instead of there being 180 fastq files in 
the library there are 540.  I have tried this multiple times after deleting the 
library and starting over, and each time it looks like there are three copies 
of each file.

Has anyone else had trouble uploading a large number of fastq files into a 
library at the same time?  I tried to delete a bunch of the duplicate files but 
it just timed out.

Glen L. Beane
Senior Software Engineer
The Jackson Laboratory
(207) 288-6153

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