I've essentially asked the same question of the list in the past and gotten no 
real response.

I have the same interest, but from a workflow perspective.

* A module that allows me to select multiple datafiles (say fastq files)
* Then pass each data file to a separate instance of a workflow that runs 
tophat and cufflinks
* then another module that takes the final outputs of each of the workflow runs 
and sends them to a final module that merges results.

I am attempting to implement something like this using the API, though the API 
is still pretty green from my perspective.

I think functionality like this built into the workflow editor would be a great 


On Apr 15, 2011, at 8:14 AM, Leandro Hermida wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering what would be the way in Galaxy to program the following:
> - User clicks on a tool and form is displayed
> - They use a select multi menu in the form to pick lets say X multiple 
> datasets from their history
> - When they click submit the tool launches X number of jobs in the history, 
> on for each of the datasets selected.
> I have a common use case where users have to manually run the same tool over 
> and over again with the same parameters for each dataset of interest in their 
> history.  I would be great to be able programmatically or otherwise with 
> Galaxy to be able to use one form and multi select the datasets and then 
> launch the parallel jobs in one go.
> regards,
> Leandro
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