Hi Pieter,

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 4:14 PM, Pieter Neerincx

> Hi Leandro,
> On Apr 27, 2011, at 3:50 PM, Leandro Hermida wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Just wondering if I got my setup right, I have Galaxy front-ended by
> Apache doing the static caching, proxying and LDAP auth.  What's nice is
> that user's don't have to be created by an admin if the user authenticates
> and authorizes properly against the LDAP config then Galaxy will
> automatically create the user locally.
> >
> > My question is that it shows that the User Name is "not set" for such
> users, is this the way its supposed to be
> No

> > or can I modify my LDAP config in such a way that it does set a User
> Name?
> Yes, you can. I have a similar setup:
>    #
>    # For short logins. (Requires rewriting AuthLDAPBindDN to long form.)
>    #
>    AuthLDAPURL                 "ldap://
> ldap.uu.nl/ou=medewerkers,o=uu?uuShortID,uuMail"
>    AuthLDAPBindDN              "uid=${REMOTE_USER}@soliscom.uu.nl
> ,ou=medewerkers,o=uu"
>    #
>    # Pass the user's e-mail address on to Galaxy as "login"
>    #
>    RewriteEngine On
> Note that the uuMail attribute requested via the AuthLDAPURL somehow gets
> expanded into an AUTHENTICATE_UUMAIL environment variable, which can then be
> used to rewrite "REMOTE_USER". You should be able to get something similar,
> but the exact syntax will depend on the attributes defined in your LDAP.
> Note that the example above allows my users to login with the part of their
> account before the @. Since the domain part after the @ is the same for all
> of them (soliscom.uu.nl), this saves them some typing when logging in :).
> Their e-mail addresses may be different though, so I rewrite the REMOTE_USER
> to display their e-mail address as Galaxy "account" in the web interface.

I have this *exact* same setup as you where I am authenticating with the
LDAP user ID and returning a mail LDAP attribute as REMOTE_USER, but this
sets the Galaxy user email address (which in Galaxy is the user ID) but is
*doesn't* set any *User Name*, all my external users have User Name "not
set".  Are you sure your setup above sets the User Name to something? Check
under Admin -> Manage Users, under the User Name column all my users that
are external yes say "not set".

> Cheers,
> Pi
> > regards,
> > Leandro
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