Hi Leandro,

On Apr 27, 2011, at 6:08 PM, Leandro Hermida wrote:

> Hi Pieter,


> I have this *exact* same setup as you where I am authenticating with the LDAP 
> user ID and returning a mail LDAP attribute as REMOTE_USER, but this sets the 
> Galaxy user email address (which in Galaxy is the user ID) but is *doesn't* 
> set any *User Name*, all my external users have User Name "not set".  Are you 
> sure your setup above sets the User Name to something? Check under Admin -> 
> Manage Users, under the User Name column all my users that are external yes 
> say "not set".

Sorry for the confusion. Indeed it's the user ID alias e-mail address that is 
set correctly. The user name is "not set" and I don't know how to set it or if 
that is even possible with the current Galaxy.... Maybe some of the developers 
can enlighten us...



>  regards,
>  Leandro

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