Hi Leandro,

Leandro Hermida wrote, On 04/29/2011 06:17 AM:
> But I have one complication I guess.  My tool is already running a Python 
> code file to dynamically create a drop-down menu using the dynamic_options 
> attribute a la:
> <param type="select" dynamic_options="my_options()">
> ...
> <code file="my_options.py"/>
> In this function my_options I would need the tool dir path.  How would I be 
> able to combine what you did with this?  Which function runs at the right 
> time before my_options() is executed is it exec_before_process?

This just gets messier and messier :)

The following hack will get you the tool's path inside the "dynamic option" 
code, but it is SO ugly, I would highly recommend against it.
A better way would be to add some code to "./galaxy/lib/parameters/basic.py" 
inside "get_options()" to add the 'tool' object to the "other_values" object, 
so that custom code functions would be able to access it (or something similar 
and as clean).

That being said, here goes:

=========  dynamic_options_path.xml  ==================
<tool id="cshl_dynamic_optinos_path_test" name="dynamic_options_path" 
description="" >
<command>echo '$input1' &gt; '$output'</command>
                <param name="input1" type="text" value="10" label="Dummy"/>
                <param name="mylist" type="select" label="Dynamic Options"
dynamic_options="get_my_options(code_ref=get_my_options)" display="radio" />
        <code file="dynamic_options_code.py" />
                <data name="output" format="txt" />

====== dynamic_options_code.py ==============
import os
import os.path
import sys

def get_my_options(code_ref):
        sys.stderr.write("Galaxy root dir = %s\n" % ( root_dir ) )
        sys.stderr.write("Custom code file = %s\n" % ( 
code_ref.__code__.co_filename) )
        tool_path = root_dir + '/' + os.path.dirname( 
        sys.stderr.write("tool path = %s\n" % ( tool_path ) )
        res = [('Hello','World',False),]
        return res

The output (STDERR) when viewing the tool's form is:
Galaxy root dir = /home/gordon/projects/galaxy_dev
Custom code file = ./tools/cshl_tests/dynamic_options_code.py
tool path = /home/gordon/projects/galaxy_dev/./tools/cshl_tests

The trick is that the dynamic function itself ("get_my_options()") is a valid 
object (which is luckily accessible from inside the code), and python keeps 
track of the file that contained the function.

Good luck (and don't try this at home :) ),
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