Nikolai Vazov wrote:
> Hi again,
> The version of the PostgreSQL server I am trying to connect to is
> actually 8.3. The DB department say they will soon move to 9.0.
> The psycopg2 version in my eggs.ini for Galaxy is 8.4.2:
> psycopg2-2.0.13_8.4.2_static-py2.6-linux-x86_64-ucs4.egg
> Do you think it will work?

Using the instructions I sent you will actually link the psycopg2 egg
against your own postgres libraries, so that version string would be
incorrect anyway.

Regardless, the 8.4.2 egg is known to work against 9.0 databases, and
older versions may work as well.  From what I've seen, the client and
server just communicate at the level of the lower version of the two.


> >3. Find the pg_config executable and make sure the version you
> >want to
> >   link against is the version found first on your $PATH.
> >
> -- 
> Nikolay Vazov, PhD
> Research Computing Centre -
> USIT, University of Oslo
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